Third Eye Blind


Are we really blind to what’s going on in the world?
I think so.
I think that humanity has lost its compassion.

No one seems to care about one another.
It fits their narrative.

It’s rare to find a conversation where a person can simply agree to disagree.
Everybody wants to be right.
People are so busy talking over others that they aren’t listening.
They can’t.
You can’t hear when its only your voice that’s steadily increasing over others.
Maybe they don’t want to hear.

It seems like everything is in cliques.
Like high school.
We’re so drawn into the world of “Me and My Narratives.”
So quick to pop out a cellphone to record an incident rather than call for help.
Having to pull out cellphones because you can’t trust the help.

Is the wool bounded to our eyes so tightly that we really can’t just see all the things that are going on?
Are we refusing to see it?
Just because a person may not have experience a particular situation, does that mean that you can’t acknowledge it?
I’ve never been shot [knock on wood], but does that mean it doesn’t exist to me?

Have our morals of right and wrong vanished?
No, but it has been twisted and skewered like the scriptures of the Bible that some proudly quote to condemn others because it simply fit their….narrative.
We spend so much time telling others “you can’t do this or that,” “there’s a time and place for that,” yet we can over look some things “that happened or was said a long time ago. Let it go.”

What a mask are you really wearing?
Seems like nowadays people are wearing the 3rd mask: their true reflection.
And its ugly.

Humanity has lost its compassion.
Someday soon, I hope it finds it.

Author: Erica 에리카

Hi! I'm Erica. Welcome to my world.

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