Talking to myself.

Hi Self.
I know that I haven’t been posting lately.
Why not?
Well, I’ve been busy.
With what?
Being a Mum, studying Korean, and battling my weird Idiopathic Angioedema.
When you have swellings and they don’t know what caused it.
This year is going to be our year.
You say that every year.
I know, but I mean it this time.
Like you meant it last time. You always mean it. You just never do it.
I’m trying to make a change within myself.
Good luck trying to get out. 
Thanks for the freakin’ confidence.
Look, you have good intentions. However, YOU boxed yourself in. YOU sell yourself short. You’re great when it comes to everyone else’s progression, but when it comes to YOU….YOU abandon yourself just like how you feel that everyone else abandons you. (sigh) What’s inside the box?
My old self.
Why can’t she get out?
She’s locked in.
Why? You have the key to open it. Just let her out.
It’s not that easy.
Why not? You either have the wrong key or you don’t want to let her out.
This year is going to be our year.
Tell Self-Esteem and Confidence that I said, “Hello” and “Welcome home.”

Author: Erica 에리카

Hi! I'm Erica. Welcome to my world.

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