I scream at the World….

I scream at the world because I’m often misunderstood. Like….countless of others. It’s not a battle of who has it worst. Because our storms differs. Yours may be physical whereas mine is mental. I scream at the world because….you see…grey clouds were created. By those I had trusted. Those that I had once loved. I […]

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Talking to myself.

Hi Self. I know that I haven’t been posting lately. Why not? Well, I’ve been busy. With what? Being a Mum, studying Korean, and battling my weird Idiopathic Angioedema. Idio-what? When you have swellings and they don’t know what caused it. Ah. Yea. This year is going to be our year. You say that every […]

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Today was an attempt of a good day. The weather was nice. It felt like Fall….like…actual Fall season. I was smiling. Ate good food at the local Japanese restaurant, Sapporo, which was delicious. Spoke in Korean today. Talked to my best mate today. Cheered up a brah, a little bit. And then…. He just had to […]

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Fuzzy Mind

Sitting here with a migraine. My body hurts. I’m tired. Not in the sense of being sleepy. I tell myself that time is an illusion. That life has no clock, but that’s not true. I feel bound to the ground as everything age around me by the second. I drown myself in my hobbies, yet […]

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reINVENTING myself

For the last two weeks, things started to look up for me as I have been in a very rough patch. I understand that I must crawl before I run. I understand that I’m the only one who change…me. However, its so hard for me to do so. Even though there are some people who […]

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Given Up

[listening to: Linkin Park – Given Up] Yesterday, I had a moment. I feel that some of it has carried over today due to me still feeling slightly annoyed. I feel like…I’m two people. One side: Wears heart on her sleeves, content, caring, friendly, loyal, etc. Other side: chaotic, lost, can’t deal with emotions, and just […]

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Sometimes I wonder, “Am I the only one that feels the way I do?” Of course, not. Nowadays, it seems like no one relates to one another. There’s no connections. No, real connection. Just automated responses that seems like its a connection. Or maybe I’m the one that’s disconnected.  

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Third Eye Blind

Are we really blind to what’s going on in the world? I think so. I think that humanity has lost its compassion. No one seems to care about one another. Unless… It fits their narrative. It’s rare to find a conversation where a person can simply agree to disagree. Everybody wants to be right. People […]

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