Sometimes I wonder, “Am I the only one that feels the way I do?” Of course, not. Nowadays, it seems like no one relates to one another. There’s no connections. No, real connection. Just automated responses that seems like its a connection. Or maybe I’m the one that’s disconnected.   Advertisements

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Third Eye Blind

Are we really blind to what’s going on in the world? I think so. I think that humanity has lost its compassion. No one seems to care about one another. Unless… It fits their narrative. It’s rare to find a conversation where a person can simply agree to disagree. Everybody wants to be right. People […]

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Dying Flame

[source: Bad Wolves “Zombie”] I haven’t written in awhile. Doesn’t mean that things were fine. I just hadn’t thought about it…until last night. I didn’t write last night because I wanted to see if the feeling would go away. It didn’t. Everybody says this mantra of Things won’t come to you, if you wait for it. […]

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Butterflies and Unicorns

[Enna -Let Go] I felt good about myseslf on 2/12/18. I didn’t let any negative vibes get to me. I had great timing in my workout. Had an all in all positive mood. Got great feedback from my Korean tutor. Things were all….butterflies and unicorns. If only, I could be like this forever and let […]

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I Am Me Am I.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde   I wonder, Do raindrops have different shapes like snowflakes? I wonder, How do the color of flowers sometimes look different, if they come from the same root? I ask these questions  because I wonder, Why do people want you to change so much? I think […]

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Buildin’ Walls

Often time, I think of myself as a multifacted person. A book, whose words, are hidden with invisible ink. I’m great at building walls. Mental and emotional walls. My brother told me once, “you’re in control of your emotions. people may do things to you, but its up to you to allow it to affect […]

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2.5.18 was a terrible day for me. It felt like the day when I found out about the infidelity. Confusion. His outburst and the cursing were for no reason at all. Me trying to do the right thing by walking away. Apparently, bad idea. Now, I’ve been called a lot of things. Generally, I have […]

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the revolution

Open your eyes. Listen. Pay attention to the things that are going on around you. Things in your community, the government, work, home life, and etc. Get off the highs of neon colours and subliminal messages. Ask questions. Stop settling for the sweet murmurs of lies. Open up a book or research your information rather […]

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It’s early Sunday morning. 6:38 AM. I’m tired, but not really. I’ve got a lot on my mind, but nothing bad. I feel like I’ve been bitten by a unicorn. I’m excited as I decide to go forth with my culinary venture. I’m ready to show that there’s more to me than written words. Some […]

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