What’s your name?
The name is Erica. [check my bio.]

What’s the purpose of your blog?
To share my thoughts and ideas. Gotta put them somewhere since its hard to express myself verbally. Usually, I write them out [which you can find here and here].

Why do you write?
To get my thoughts out [I mentioned the “why” above]. Although some people just view it as something creative, its simply my way of communicating. I let people take it how they want it. To be clear though, I don’t write for pity. I hate that. I don’t want anyone’s pity or sorrows. I write. You read. That’s all.

Why do you seem so sad and depressed? Why aren’t you doing anything to change it?
I don’t think of myself as “textbook” sad or even remotely depressed. I just think of myself as an deep overthinker that views the world differently than most. Who is to say that I’m not trying to change it? Hmmm? However, I believe some things just can’t be changed.

Is your blog going to be mostly about your sad life?
lol. It’s simply an open diary of my “dark space.” So, whatever emotions resonate through that’s what you’ll get.

Do you have other social media accounts?
Yep. Click on the menu button and you’ll see those fancy icons.